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Majuli in Assam - The largest River Island in the world and a great Tourist Spot

Majuli is a river island in Assam along the mighty Brahmaputra river which is also the home land of Sankardeva who was a great religious preacher during the 16th century and had established many satras in Assam. The island is home to many caste of people such as mising, deori, kachari, bengali, bihari and many more with a population of 150,000 which gives the multicultural feel to the island. Since it’s been surrounded by the mighty Brahmaputra river, one have to catch the ferries to get there which also gives a unique feel while visiting the place as it has some kind of myth surrounding here. The island has also been nominated to be considered for world heritage site.

Majuli is famous for some of the famous satras among which few of the satras that has been there for centuries are Garamurh satra, Auniati satra, Samaguri satra, Dakhinpat satra, Kamalabari satra. The people of Majuli loves Raas Leela which portrays the life journey of lord Krishna.
They also have three day long Raas leela festival being organized every year and people from all around the state of Assam comes here to see the raas leela festival. As one can view the culture of Assam through these raas, it can also be considered as a great attraction for tourist coming to the state. Apart from satras, the river island is also home to some of the distinct species which can be found here and among these species one can also notice the migratory bird which come every year during the winter season.

The river island is well connected with all the major cities of Assam. Tourist who starts off from Guwahati can take state transport to Jorhat which is nearest route to the river island and on reaching Jorhat they will have to catch a ferry from Neemati ghat as the distance between the said ghat and the island is only 18 km. Taking this route, one can reach there within half an hour and hence arrive at the destination quite comfortable. There is also other means of transportation such as the railways and the air services which are also available for all the visitors to opt for to come to Jorhat after which ferries are easily available for covering the rest of the distance.

If you are planning to visit Majuli, then you may avail lodging and fooding facilities in the guest rooms of various Satras or even book a room in one of the well-built hotel that exist there. It is one of the best place to visit in Assam and one can enjoy the fresh natural environment without any modern day pollution around the place.