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IPL 4 Revised Schedule - Detailed & Latest List of Indian Premiere League 2011 Part I


fever has once again dropped-in and is ready to entertain cricket lovers with lots of crackers and fast-paced action with this 4th successive edition. This season brings in some new changes and can be considered as a complete new edition of the Indian Premiere League. This is so because it includes new changes amongst which the most highlighted factor would be the absence of Lalit Modi and inclusion of two new teams named as Sahara Pune Warriors and Kochi Tuskers Kerala. Moreover, the shuffle of key players among various teams for the upcoming IPL 4 edition is yet another changes that one might be able to see and most importantly the absence of Dada (Saurav Ganguly) in KKR might affect the excitement among the fans of Kolkota Knight Riders.

However, Indian Premiere League in itself is a big game and these issues would hardly matter when the game goes live on the scheduled date. The Indian Premiere League (IPL 4) match schedule has been revised recently to make adjustment with the Assembly elections to be held in Assam, West Bengal, TamilNadu, Puducherry and Kerala. Hence, if you are looking for links to download latest IPL 4 match schedule or view the complete revised list for taking note of the match dates or timings and fixtures, then look no further as we have listed the detailed Indian Premiere League 2011 schedule for your convenience and interest.

08.04.201108:00pmChennaiCSK vs KKR
09.04.201104:00pmHyderbadDC vs RR
09.04.201108:00pmKochiKTK vs RCB
10.04.201104:00pmDelhiDD vs MI
10.04.201108:00pmNaviMumbaiPW vs KXIP
11.04.201108:00pmKolkataKKR vs DC
12.04.201104:00pmJaipurRR vs DD
12.04.201108:00pmBangaloreRCB vs MI
13.04.201104:00pmMohaliKXIP vs CSK
13.04.201108:00pmNaviMumbaiPW vs KTK
14.04.201108:00pmHyderbadDC vs RCB
15.04.201104:00pmJaipurRR vs KKR
15.04.201108:00pmMumbaiMI vs KTK
16.04.201104:00pmChennaiCSK vs RCB
16.04.201108:00pmHyderbadDC vs KXIP
17.04.201104:00pmNaviMumbaiPW vs DD
17.04.201108:00pmKolkataKKR vs RR
18.04.201108:00pmKochiKTK vs CSK
19.04.201104:00pmDelhiDD vs DC
19.04.201108:00pmBangaloreRCB vs RR
20.04.201104:00pmMumbaiMI vs PW
20.04.201108:00pmKolkataKKR vs KTK
21.04.201108:00pmMohaliKXIP vs RR
22.04.201104:00pmKolkataKKR vs RCB
22.04.201108:00pmMumbaiMI vs CSK
23.04.201108:00pmDelhiDD vs KXIP
24.04.201104:00pmHyderbadDC vs MI
24.04.201108:00pmJaipurRR vs KTK
25.04.201108:00pmChennaiCSK vs PW
26.04.201108:00pmDelhiDD vs RCB
27.04.201104:00pmMumbaiPW vs CSK
27.04.201108:00pmKochiKTK vs DC
28.04.201108:00pmDelhiDD vs KKR
29.04.201104:00pmJaipurRR vs MI
29.04.201108:00pmBangaloreRCB vs PW
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