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Indian Premiere League 2011 (IPL 4) Revised Schedule Continued (Part II) from Part I

Continuing from the previous post where we have listed the Indian Premiere League 2011 (IPL 4) Detailed Schedule, this is a follow-up post to continue with the list that was left incomplete due to lack of space and hence you may continue to check the table which is listed below. In a short note, let us also inform our readers that the upcoming edition of the DLF IPL 20-20 tournament consist of 10 participating teams and they will be playing a total of around 74 matches within a length of 45days. If you missed the first post which actually contained the initial date and time schedule of the tournament, you can still go back and note it down by following the below mentioned link of the original posts.

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30.04.201104:00pmKochiKTK vs DD
30.04.201108:00pmKolkataKKR vs KXIP
01.05.201104:00pmJaipurRR vs PW
02.05.201104:00pmMumbaiMI vs KXIP
03.05.201108:00pmHyderbadDC vs KKR
04.05.201104:00pmChennaiCSK vs RR
04.05.201108:00pmNavi MumbaiPW vs MI
05.05.201104:00pmKochiKTK vs KKR
05.05.201108:00pmHyderbadDC vs DD
06.05.201108:00pmBangaloreRCB vs KXIP
07.05.201104:00pmKolkataKKR vs CSK
07.05.201108:00pmMumbaiMI vs DD
08.05.201104:00pmBangaloreRCB vs KTK
08.05.201108:00pmMohaliKKR vs KTK
09.05.201108:00pmJaipurRR vs CSK
10.05.201104:00pmHyderbadDC vs PW
10.05.201108:00pmMohaliKXIP vs MI
11.05.201108:00pmJaipurKKR vs KTK
12.05.201108:00pmChennaiCSK vs DD
13.05.201108:00pmIndoreKTK vs KXIP
14.05.201104:00pmBangaloreRCB vs KKR
14.05.201108:00pmMumbaiMI vs DC
15.05.201104:00pmDharamsalaKXIP vs DD
15.05.201108:00pmIndoreKTK vs RR
16.05.201108:00pmNavi MumbaiPW vs DC
17.05.201108:00pmDharamsalaKXIP vs RCB
18.05.201108:00pmChennaiCSK vs KTK
19.05.201108:00pmNavi MumbaiPW vs KKR
20.05.201108:00pmMumbaiMI vs RR
21.05.201104:00pmDharamsalaKXIP vs DC
21.05.201108:00pmDelhiDD vs PW
22.05.201104:00pmBangaloreRCB vs CSK
22.05.201108:00pmKolkataKKR vs MI
24.05.201108:00pmMumbaiQualifier1: FPT vs SPT
25.05.201108:00pmMumbaiEliminator: TPT vs FPT
Qualifier 2
Eliminator (Winner)
Qualifier 1(Loser)
Qualifier1 (Winner)
Qualifier2 (Winner)
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Teams Participating in IPL 4

Following are the names of the ten teams participating in the Indian Premiere League this season along with the abbreviation that was used in the table published here which would also be helpful for proper understanding of the conventions used in this post as well as the previous one.
  • Chennai Super Kings (CSK)
  • Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)
  • Deccan Chargers (DC)
  • Rajasthan Royals (RR)
  • Kochi Tuskers Kerala (KTK)
  • Mumbai Indians (MI)
  • Kings XI Punjab (KXIP)
  • Pune Warriors (PW)
  • Delhi Daredevils (DD)
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)

So, as seen above there are lots of actions coming up and all these are scheduled to happen just a few days after the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 ends in the sub continent. Its another galore of cricketing actions to follow in India and it seems to be a never ending entertainment for all the enthusiasts and admirers of this gentleman's game.

While we have lot more to cover regarding this sport, we still have to wrap up this post with the promise to be back again with more details and informations about Indian Premier League 2011.