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Assamese Cinema Asin Chinaki - Star Cast and General Information of the Feature Film

Asin Chinaki (a.k.a Osin Sinaki) is one of the most successful Assamese film of the year 2010 in terms of preview and had been able to sustain in the cinema halls for a long time as compared to other movies of its kind. There is nothing new in the story but is well executed by the director thereby making it eligible to provide some entertainment to the audience. The screenplay is based on family drama and reflects the various hurdles in life and specially for those who had lost their caring mother and had been brought up by step mother.

The Assamese feature film Asin Chinaki is filmed under the direction of Munna Ahmed and is presented under the banner of Ankon Films Production with close collaboration with Assam Tourism.

The film deals with some of the known faces of Assam Film Industry who have played the roles of the different characters in the film. Some of them can be highlighted as Biju Phukan, Rimpy Das, Atul Pachani, Mitali Baishya, Lipika Borah Medhi, Juwan Dutta and few others. Minister Rakibul Hussain had also made a guest appearance in the film which can be said to be the highlighted fact about it.

The music has been composed and directed by Mr. D.Hazarika while the singers who had sung the various songs are Debojit Saha, Dikshu, Gitashree and Arnab. The songs are average and people seemed to show some interest in it but had nothing special to keep it on the top of the rankings for a long time. The music or MP3 downloads of Asin Chinaki is currently available across various file sharing sites and can be availed from there easily.

Although the movie had been showcased on many cinema halls for a longer period of time, but the audience did not seemed to be delighted after watching Asin Chinaki and had to return home without any real satisfaction as was expected. However, some people seemed to review it as an average movie suitable for one time view but hardly anyone would go back and watch it again.

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