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Airtel Mobile Number Portability in Assam - Move to Airtel & retain the same number

Airtel now allows mobile users in Assam to use the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service and thereby port their number from any other network to Airtel while still retaining the 10-digit mobile number that they used while on the previous network. It is therefore a more convenient way to switch between mobile service operator as it does not makes it mandatory to register a new number while availing the service of any mobile service in the state. All that you need to do is to follow few steps and thereby use the comparatively more reliable and consistently good service standards that Bharti Airtel has been providing in the region.

At the time when Bharti Airtel Limited has announced that they are ready to roll-out 3G services in Assam and Northeastern states, it will be now be a great time for the subscribers of the region to make use of the Airtel MNP service and switch back from your current service provider if the same is not satisfactory or if it does not suit the requirements of your daily mobile usage in terms of tariffs and network coverage.

Steps to port your mobile number to Airtel in Assam

If you are a resident of Assam and currently using any mobile network service other than Airtel, you can use the MNP service to port your mobile number to Airtel and avail their tariff plans and services all without losing the number that you used to have. Simply follow the steps as mentioned below to switch to Airtel in Assam.

  1. To start with, you will need to send a text message in the form of SMS to request your Unique Porting Number (UPC) which is one of the mandatory parameters to proceed with the porting service. To do so, you need to type 'PORT <Your Mobile Number>' and then send it to '1900'. It will then generate a UPC for you which would be delivered as a follow-up message via SMS.
  2. After receiving the SMS sent to you, you will be able to discover your unique porting code contained therein. This code will be needed while filling up the Prepaid Enrollment Form.
  3. You may then visit any nearest Airtel outlet and then acquire the enrollment form free of cost. This Prepaid Enrollment Form is same as the one which is being used for registering a new connection.
  4. Carefully enter all the details in the form as applicable and mention the UPC, Existing Operator Name, Existing Product (Prepaid or Postpaid), Existing mobile number, UPC generated date under the MNP port-in Details section of the said enrollment form.
  5. After completing the above step, you may submit the form to the dealer or nearest outlet along with all necessary documents required such as Proof of Identity and Proof of Address along with Photographs of the applicant.
  6. Now, you will be able to receive a blank Airtel SIM card from the dealer which will become operational once the porting procedure is complete and verified by the concerned departments.
  7. In the meantime, your previous network provider to whose service you are using before the porting will communicate with Airtel and approve the application if the same is done in the form and procedure as recommended. The whole procedure may take up to maximum 15 days and if anyone requires to cancel the application, then it can be done only within the first 24 hours of making the application.
  8. If your number is eligible for the porting procedure and the application is approved, you will be informed through an SMS as to when the actual porting to the new service operator will take place. The SMS will include the exact date and time of the event and hence you have to wait until then to use the new Airtel SIM that you have received.
  9. At the date and time reported to you for the porting operation, it will be carried out and accordingly another message will be forwarded confirming that the porting is complete.
  10. You may now use the new Airtel SIM card that you received and hence use the new network and avail their services thereon.
Thus by following the simple steps as mentioned above, one can easily switch to Airtel and use the same mobile number which was used earlier while using a different mobile service operator. It should however be noted that there should not be any outstanding due left to be paid to the previous service operator or the donor operator before the MNP services can be used. Once the porting service is used, it can be done again only after 90 days of using it.