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Airtel 3G in Assam and Northeast coming soon - Get ready for high speed connectivity

Airtel 3G in Assam and Northeastern states is about to be launched in a few days ahead as reports from some official sources indicates that the necessary infrastructure required to provide 3G services in this part of India is near completion where most of the essential technical aspects has already being upgraded. There was a long speculation among the mobile users as to when Airtel will begin their 3G services in Assam and Northeast so that the people residing over here can enjoy some high-speed connectivity features with their mobile devices along with other convenient features like video calls and live TV and it seems that the wait is finally over as they are intending to offer their services soon.

3G services in India has recently been accelerated and given more priority by all the mobile operators in the country and all of them are eying on increasing the subscriber base by forwarding competitive tariff plans and special offers. With the Mobile Number Portability already being introduced and operational in India, it is also one of the primary factor for those cellular operators to raise their standards of services as any mobile users can easily switch to a different network without much hassle and still retaining the mobile number using MNP in India.

It is noteworthy to mention that Bharti Airtel Limited has got a very large share of the subscriber base in India which is also the case for Assam and other Northeastern states where it currently operates. They are known for providing consistent and reliable services within an affordable tariff plans and this makes them a more reliable choice for the consumers to opt for. They have invested around 85 crore rupees for acquiring license and facilitating 3G mobile service in Northeast out of the 13K crores spent for the entire country.

President of Airtel, Mr.Atul Mohan Bindra quoted before the press reporters that they are expecting a good response from the North East region and looking forward for a sizable market share within the region. He has further remarked that they have been seriously working in to deliver their best in this part of India and has invested more than around Rs.1,100 crore in the recent five years so far extending its coverage to more remote areas including 22,000 villages and all major towns and cities.

The present subscriber count in Assam and Northeast together makes an impressive figure equivalent to 50 lakhs and is still counting ahead every day. They have also made some innovative plans and arrangement to provide mobile banking services in the region with close collaboration with State Bank of India.

So far so good, Airtel does seem to be very promising service provider and hopefully they will introduce some good service standards and affordable 3G tariff plans for customers to chose from. So, if you belong to Assam or North East and have been looking for 3G tariff plans and other information regarding it, then be informed that it is soon to arrive and we will accordingly publish detailed tariff rates and facts as when it is officially made available.