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Review of Sinaki Osinaki - Assamese music album of Angaraag Papon Mahanta

Angaraag Papon Mahanta is a new age protagonist in assamese music who came to limelight with his first album named Jonaki Raati that has succeeded in achieving wide acclamation from all the music admirers.

As a music lover he is already known to the masses of Assam, his new album Sinaki Osinaki is the sound to the new age of the northeastern heartbeat. Although a little less versatile as compared to his earlier work Jonaki Rati, Sinaki Osinaki is an album which is an experimentation between folk and the pop-grooves. In one of his song Nand geet, Mahanta brings in brajawali, which for many of our youth is something new and also unaware of as it is one of the Ancient Assamese language, a kind of experimentation which has never been tried in the past by the artist of Assam for a long time.

The song is beautifully composed maintaining this beautiful language in which Sankardev wrote Borgeet and Bhaonas and similarly contrast to this his another song Niyor Xona Xondhiya is of today's beat which shows a heavy influence of Hip-hop which is so much admired by today's generation.

And of course going by Mahanta's style of music which he so heavily scored in his last album Jonaki Rati i.e. Ahiba Tumi Puwa is a refreshing romantic song of which he is so famous of among all the music enthusiasts.

His nostalgic voice makes an eternal effect on you which is irresistible and with the cutting edge electronica which has become his signature style of music, his new album will influence both youth and the elderly section of the Assamese society which will thereby please their soul. I highly recommend this album to those who has a taste for a different genre and of course to all the fans of Angaraag Mahanta.